Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: IV therapy helps to prevent the damages
  from free radicals in blood by promoting the free radical process and it
  reduces the production of lactic acid which increases nerve sensitivity
  and irritability.
Chelation: IV therapy prevents & helps cardio-vascular diseases
  (stroke, high cholesterol, heart disease, atherosclerosis, etc.),
  IV therapy cleans up the arteries and veins by excreting cholesterol,
  LDL, plaques, and heavy metal toxins and it stops free radical damage
  by promoting the free radical process.
Liver Detoxification: IV therapy detoxifies those toxins(toxic wastes of
  drugs, pesticides, food additives, environmental hormones, artificial
  chemicals, etc.) that are accumulated in the human body.
Pain: IV therapy decreases the production of lactic acid which is
  perceived by the brain as pain and fatigue. It also relaxes the muscle by
  promoting the blood flow and the free radical process.