Chiro Song Clinc utilizes the proven CAM such as Chiropractic which has been approved by WHO along with conventional medical treatments. Thus Chiro Song Clinc has better result with acute and chronic pain comparing to a sole treatment of Medical or Chiropractic care. Chiro Song Clinc focuses not only on the symptom of the disease, but also the cause.
People usually see the tip of iceberg (symptom), but the rest of iceberg (cause) is under the water.
Chiro Song Clinc is doing the best to see the big picture for the patient's condition and to exam the patient thoroughly from head to toe. In the latest health problems, a doctor must look more closely into the function of the nervous system.

This new paradigm has been based on the fact that a cell, the most basic functional unit of human body, is controlled by the nervous system and these nervous systems are protected by the bones and muscles.
The new paradigm is accomplished when 3 main factors; functional alignment of the human structure, functional nutrition and functional fittness are met properly. These 3 main factors are well maintained, then the human body works much effeciently and becomes more healthier and even is freed from musculoskeletal diseases.

The disease and health (wellness) could not be clearly distinguished like black or white.
It is rather looks at as the continuous process of being healthy and becoming ill.
This is the reason why most of time, symptoms can not even be detected by any medical test until your disorder progresses into a more severe diseased state.
For example, a patient presents symptoms of chronic fatigue and sore neck/shoulder muscles from being over worked. Even after a full physical exam which included a liver function test, blood work and even an MRI show no obvious signs of the disease. Therefore, the patient may be frustrated because any routine medical test comes out negative result, yet still the patient suffers from fatigue and sore neck and shoulder. The test does not tell where a patient's state of health is on the continuum of health and disease. Rather, it can only vaguely tell them if they have a disease or not.
Furthermore, most of the test results run normal until the patient's function declines more than 30-40%.
Therefore, a doctor must look closely into those symptoms more holistically, and consider the patient's life style and diet, etc. in order to find the cause of their disease, and find out their state of health.
The doctor must realize where your patient may stand on the continuum of health/disease and the doctor must search a probable cause of any symptom in order to treat them properly.
That is the main goal of Chiro Song Clinc.
The best way to avoid the illness is preventing it in the first place.
Chiro Song Clinc not only treats the cause of disease, but is also dedicated into patient education and preventative medicine.
Chiro Song Clinc is specialized in treating neuromusculoskeletal problems such as low back pain, neck pain (whiplash injury from motor vehicle accidents), herniated discs, scoliosis, improper posture, flat foot, etc.
Chiro Song Clinc treats these problems without drugs and surgery and utilizes natural and non-invasive treatments such as Chiropractic adjustment, myofascial release, foot orthotic, IMS, exercise program, physical therapy and nutritional supplements.